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  • Fairtrade Fortnight

    It's Fairtrade Fortnight!

    Once a year, for two weeks (Monday 27 February - Sunday 12 March), Fairtrade Foundation organises the promotional campaign that is 'Fairtrade Fortnight'. Campaigners, businesses and schools get together to raise better awareness of the Fairtrade movement and what it's all about.

    Behind every bar of chocolate, mug of coffee and pot of tea (to name but a few) are the farmers and workers who are working to improve their lives and communities. When you buy products with the Fairtrade mark, you support these people. To learn more about exactly who is behind your favourite cup of tea, click here.

    Here at Green's, we believe in supporting these farmers and workers that work so hard to make their living. We use Fairtrade chocolate to make our yummy chocolate brownies, Fairtrade coffee beans from Farrer's in Kendal and make our delicious Herdy's hot chocolates using only Fairtrade ingredients. Why not pop in today and ask for something Fairtrade?

    Let's get together to support these workers. Why not try to only buy Fairtrade products for this fortnight? It's a simple change to make; just think of the good you'll be doing and how this can change these worker's lives!

    We hope to see you soon!
    Green's x


  • Green's is a hit with a furry friend!


    We love to receive messages from our customers when they have enjoyed their experience at Green's.  So, we were thrilled (and a little surprised!) to receive this lovely message from Ben the Collie!


    Dear Karen and Robin,
    i wantidd to thankyou for givingg mee that nyce joosee soss sidge wen i came into yor rest raunt last weakend with mark an isabel my owners. It were very nice warm and joosee like i just sedd.
    We are all bak in the aisle of man again wereit is raining again but we all want to see yo agin soon. Sorry about my spellin and writin but i am left pawed.
    Ben the collie