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  • Bowness-on-Windermere

    9.2 miles away

    Walking distance: 3hr 5 mins

    Buses: Grasmere Centre to Bowness Pier – 599 or 555 every 20 minutes

    Bowness–on–Windermere lies on the shore of Lake Windermere, halfway between Waterhead at the north end and Lakeside at the south end. The town was developed after the opening of the railway line from Oxenholme and Kendal to Windermere in 1847 as Bowness was the nearest accessible point on the lake. Now the town is a popular tourist attraction with sailing and watersports available to enjoy. For those wanting to relax, the pier has some stunning scenery of the lake and Cumbrian fells.

    Within in the town, Victorian influence can be seen with large residences overlooking the lake. In the late 19th century wealthy businessmen from Lancashire built large houses overlooking the lake which have now been converted into hotels. The Belsfield Hotel that overlooks Bowness Bay was once home to Henry Schneider, Chairman of the Barrow Steelworks. St Martin’s Church is the parish Church of Bowness and is also worth a visit. The area behind the church is the oldest part of Bowness with a delightful web of narrow streets known as Lowside. The streets give visitors and residents an idea of what the village was like before the railway.