Beth Parkinson - Administrative Assistant:

19 year old Beth Parkinson has been a key member of the 'Green's Dream Team' for 3 years.Beth Parkinson

Windermere-based, Beth is a true born and bred Cumbrian!  With A' levels in Business, Media and Science, she's pretty switched on, which is a very good thing given the fast pace of life at Green's!  We totally rely on Beth to run our social media programme (she completely 'gets' the hashtag thing!) and in addition, she manages our costings, payroll and other administrative tasks that are necessary to keep us all going.  "She organises us!" adds owner, Karen.

"I really enjoy my job at Green's and all the people here." says Beth.  "It can be stressful at times, but we just get on with it!"

Favourite dish: "Vegetable and beef chilli with olives." she says.  "It's my own creation!"

Three cheers for Beth!


Ryan Smales -Manager, Front of House:

Our fabulous front of house Manager, Ryan, keeps everything running smoothly when the going gets tough!  Keswick resident, Ryan, does, in his own words "a bit of everything!" and thank goodness for that.  It's all about mucking in at Green's!  Managing the day to day running of Grasmere's busiest café and bistro involves a smattering of all things - helping with menu's, specials and giving input on outside catering, such as weddings.  Ryan Smales

Ryan, 34, has always worked in the catering industry, so he definitely knows his onions.  "I like the people I work with and the people I meet." he says.

Favourite dish: "Karen's lamb curry.  The lamb is slow roasted and it's a delicious dish.  In-fact, everything Karen makes is great!"

We hear you, Ryan!





Emil Fraczea - Head Chef:

Our creative head chef, Emil, is originally from Poland, but has been in the UK for 7 years' and has cooked in some pretty fine Lake District kitchens, you know - including our own, of course!  Responsible for food preparation, planning menus and cooking everything from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, Emil's talents keep the punters happy - and coming back - at Green's.  Emil Fraczea

When he's not turning out culinary masterpieces, Grasmere based Emil loves nothing better than messing about on the Lake, catching fish.  After-all, we do live in a spectacular place.

Favourite dish: "Pan fried chicken with crushed new potatoes, creamy leeks and a chicken jus. I like being busy and happy." he says. "It's easy to be happy here because our food is so good!"

Who are we to disagree with the chef?




Diana Lumumba - Waitress and Expert Baker:

16 year old Diana Lumumba has been working with us during holidays for more than 2 years and she's a fabulous member of the team!  Studying maths and science A' levels at the Lakes school in Windermere, we all have high hopes for Diana - is that Oxford calling???Diana Lumumba

As our waitress extraordinaire, Diana keeps the customers happy and they are well looked after under her care.  And, Diana knows a thing or two about food herself as it happens.  The winner of our 'Young Bakers Initiative' in the over-14's category, Diana wowed the judges back in November with her Kenyan cardamom and coconut donut with coconut cream.  What's not to love about that?

Very fortunately, Diana likes hanging out with us too.  "Green's is a gorgeous place with great food!" she says.  "I never feel embarrassed serving the food as it is delicious!"

Favourite dish: "Shepherds pie.  The meat is so tender!"

Nice one, Diana!