New winter menu at Green's

We have now launched our winter menu at Green's - lots of tasty tummy warmers to give you comfort in the dreary months.

Everything is listed below, but as always - we're flexible!  So, if you have a special dietary requirement, we're all ears!

We look forward to serving you!




All Day Breakfast         

Cumbrian Breakfast (GF available)
Award winning Cumberland sausage, local sweet cure back bacon, grilled tomato, Mushrooms and Heinz baked beans, white or brown toast and a choice of poached, fried or scrambled egg.

Vegetarian Breakfast (vg available)
As above, however with vegetarian sausages and extra mushrooms instead of the meat

Egg on toast (v) (gf available)                                                                                
Two free range eggs, cooked to order and served on white or brown toast

Beans on toast (vg) (gf available)                                                `
Two slices of white or brown toast topped with Heinz baked beans.

Bacon Butty (gf available)                                                                                        
Local sweet cured bacon in a fresh white or brown bread sandwich

Sausage Butty (gf/v/vg available)
Local Cumberland sausages in a fresh white or brown bread sandwich

Bacon and Egg Butty (gf available)
Local sweet cured bacon with a free range egg in a fresh white or brown bread sandwich

Yoghurt parfait (v/gf)
Organic vanilla yoghurt, layered with fresh vegetables and homemade granola

Porridge (v/vg/gf available)
Hearty bowl of Scottish porridge oats with either brown sugar, cinnamon or both!

Extra items
Bacon, egg, sausage, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes                                 

Jam or marmalade                                                                                                         

Home Bakes & Treats      

Toasted Fruit Teacake                                                                                                  

Portion of Jams
choose from a variety of homemade jams:
Raspberry and vanilla, local blackcurrant, plum and ginger or damson

Homemade fruit scone (gf available)
With butter
With butter and jam
With jam and clotted cream                                                                                      

Homemade cheese scone (gf available)
with butter

With cheddar and damson gumbo                                                                          

Hot Puddings

Sticky Toffee pudding
The famous Cartmel sticky toffee pudding, still the best

Sticky Ginger pudding
The famous Cartmel sticky toffee pudding with the addition of stem ginger

Warm Brownie
A delicious homemade brownie using rich Belgian chocolate, served warm

Vegan Chocolate Brownie (vg/gf)

Phil and Tess’ Damson Chocolate pudding (gf)
Warm, rich chocolate brownie style pudding with Lyth Valley damson

Gluten Free Puddings
Hunters sticky toffee
Pear and Ginger
Phil and Tess’ Chocolate and Damson pudding
Greens Bakewell tart
Greens Chocolate Brownie
All puddings
Served with pouring or whipped cream, ice cream or custard                    


Sandwiches/ Toasties/ Baguettes

Soup and sandwich (gf/v/vg available)
Soup and Toastie or Baguette
A cup of homemade soup with a sandwich, toastie or baguette

Baguettes, Sandwich and Toasties
A large freshly baked baguette, brown or white bread sandwich or toastie served with crisps and a dressed mixed salad garnish

Sandwiches (gf/v/vg available)
Baguettes and Toasties (gf/v/vg available)                                                        

Fillings -
Bacon and Brie with Red onion marmalade

Cheddar cheese, damson gumbo and tomato

Ham, salad and English mustard

Hummus, crunchy vegetables and mango chutney

Chicken and mayo

Tuna Mayo and cucumber

Ham and Cheddar

Tuna Mayo and cheddar


Hot Food

Homemade soup (Gf/Vegan)                                                                                   

A bowl of our homemade soup, served with a bread roll or GF bread

Shepherd’s Pie (GF available)

Local fell bred lamb mince, topped with cheesy mash and served with either a dressed salad or mixed vegetables

Veggie Shepherd’s Pie (GF/Vegan/V available)                                                               

Medley of vegetables and beans, topped with cheesy mash with either mixed vegetables or dressed salad

Sausage, Mash and Gravy (V/Vegan/GF available)                                         

Cumberland sausages served with mash potato, Cumberland sausages, mixed vegetables and gravy

Pie of the day                                                                                                                   

Homemade pie, topped with a puff pastry lid, served with creamy mash and vegetables

Homemade Hot pot (V/Vegan)                                                                                

Traditional slow roasted vegetable hot pot topped with glazed sliced potato and a selection of vegetables

Homemade curry (GF)                                                                                                 

Homemade chicken curry served with rice and Bombay potatoes

Chilli con carne (GF/V/Vegan available)                                                                              

Homemade beef or our own three bean chilli served with rice, dressed salad, tortilla chips and dips




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