Kids Hallowe'en Menu at Green's


At Hallowe'en, it's all about the kids!  We've devised a special menu for tinier tummies during Hallowe'en, so bring your little ones along for some fun.

There might even be some Hallowe'en dressing up amongst the staff.............

Kids Halloween Menu
Homemade soup
Pumpkin soup served with bread
Worm surprise
Homemade Spaghetti Bolognaise

The Hummus Spider
Hummus served with carrots,

Fiendish fingers
Fish finger sandwich served with crisps, fruit and red sauce

Sausage, Mash potato and Graaaaaaaavyyyyyyy
Sausage served with mash, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy

Shark infested custard
Custard with shark sweets and raspberry sauce


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