CELIA gluten-free lager launches at Greens!

Greens is delighted to be serving CELIA lager, the only lager in the world with no gluten, only natural carbonation and 100% Saaz hops.

Delicious and winner of the 2013 prestigious FreeFrom ‘Best Gluten Free Beer’ award, we're delighted to be CELIA's only stockist outside of London!


CELIA is the result of a unique patented 59 day craft brewing process with the benefit of containing only natural carbonation thanks to being craft brewed in open fermentation ‘squares’.  Many breweries strive for increased volume and thus accelerate fermentation by using closed tanks resulting in the need to add CO2.  Indeed, mainstream brewers even go as far as making stronger batches and then watering down the beer.  Zatecky Pivovar, brewer of CELIA in the Czech Republic strictly bans this technique following their 200 year old brewing principles.

CELIA is a fantastic addition to Green's healthy dishes.  Recent studies even show that a post walking beer hydrates better than water, making Green' s the ideal place to enjoy a truly light and refreshing end to a day on the fells!

CELIA  is perfect for those with gluten-free requirements and without!  But, don't just take our word for it.............


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